Ogden Area Rentals - FAQs

The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS). If you’re interested in submitting an application for a rental home in Northern Utah, or you are currently a tenant in one of our Ogden area rentals, please click on a question and read the answer given here first, then contact us if you require further information.

The Rental Application Process

We encourage you to personally look at the property before deciding if you would like to apply. If you are moving from out-of-state, we are happy to show the property to someone local on your behalf.

Each applicant over 18 must fill out an application. There is a $25.00 non-refundable application fee per adult. Note: If you are unsure whether it is worth submitting an application and incurring the associated fee, we are happy to pre-screen you on the phone prior to applying.

Please fill out the application completely. Incomplete applications may be denied.

Applications are considered and processed in the order in which they are received. If we are unable to verify all information on your application in a reasonable time-frame (usually three days) we will move on to other applicants.

Typically, we can complete your screening in 24-48 hours, subject to making contact with your employment and personal references, in addition to your prior landlords.

Should you be approved and move forward with renting from us, we will meet with you to read and sign the lease, and collect a portion of the deposit in order to secure the property for you.

Yes, $30 per adult.

Identification: All applicants must provide a current photo ID. All applicants must be legal residents.

Rental History: All applicants must, at a minimum, provide two years’ rental history. If you have never rented before, we request either a co-signer or an additional security deposit. We will not rent to anyone with a previous eviction or who has an outstanding balance with a prior landlord.

Employment Requirements: All applicants must, at a minimum, provide the previous two years of employment history, showing at least six months with current employer, or previous employer. Students must provide proof of enrollment or graduation. Self-employed applicants must provide a current CPA-prepared financial statement or most recent tax return. Those on Social Security, retirement, or state assistance, must provide proof of regular monthly payments.

Criminal History: We are members of the Ogden City ‘Good Landlord Program’. Your application will be denied if, within the last four years, you have been convicted of an offense involving the sale or manufacturing of illegal drugs, or any crime involving any threat or damage to property or person, or for any crime which – had it been committed on the landlord’s premises – would have disturbed the peace of other tenants.

Credit History: Your application will be denied if your credit report shows any unpaid judgments, outstanding utility bills, or collections with little or no evidence of timely payments. However, we understand that there can be unusual circumstances and are happy to speak with you about your credit situation prior to applying.

Pets are allowed at some of our rental properties for an additional $300.00 per pet security deposit. To see what properties do accept pets, check out our current list of available homes for rent.

Please read the explanation under rental criteria.

Please read the explanation under rental criteria.

Information for Current Tenants

You can create a work order in the Tenant Portal for any issue you may have at the property. You may also contact us via email at brian@NorthernUtah4Rent.com to let us know about the repair. Typically, we will come to your home first to assess the situation. We then make the necessary arrangements for the repair, and usually have the vendor contact you directly to schedule an appointment. If the damage is the result of your actions, you will be billed for that repair.

If you are in immediate danger, please call 911.

Otherwise, first try to contact Brian at 801-781-2264. If he is unavailable, and you have an emergency situation where the property is being damaged, please contact the appropriate vendor below:

All changes to the property must be approved beforehand and requests need to be submitted in writing. After receiving your written request, we will schedule an appointment with you to discuss your ideas. You may email your requests tobrian@NorthernUtah4Rent.com.

Yes, you may pay rent online. You will have to open a tenant portal to do so. There is a $3.00 service fee to pay online.

Your rent is due according to the terms of your lease agreement. Should you need to make other arrangements due to unusual circumstances, please contact us as soon as possible, preferably prior to your rent due date. Please refer to your lease for late payment details. We are often flexible if the tenant shows timely communication and follow-through.

We understand that circumstances can arise whereby you may need to break your lease. If this should occur, the best option is to communicate your situation to us right away, so that we can create a plan that benefits both parties. You are responsible for paying the rent until the property is re-rented, in addition to all costs associated with re-renting the property. The sooner we are aware of the situation, the sooner we can work at finding a new tenant. Often we can secure a new renter while you are still living in the property, as long as it is clean and tidy and you are accommodating when we need to show it to prospective tenants.

We strive to provide you with the opportunity to be refunded 100% of your deposit. We are fair and clear, and do not charge ‘junk fees’.

When you decide to move out, you need to provide us with a written 30-day notice, either by mail or email. We provide a Cleaning Checklist which provides general guidelines of what we will be looking for when we complete the move-out inspection with you. We also review the video and written documentation taken at the time of your move-in, to clarify the original condition of the property and ensure you are not held accountable for any prior issues. You are then given the opportunity to remedy anything for which you would be charged.

Note: You will be charged a daily rental rate until we receive all keys/garage remotes, etc.

Also note: Under Utah State Law, if you are entitled to the return of your deposit, we are obliged to return it within 30 days of your tenancy ending (you have both moved out and returned keys), or within 15 days after our receipt of your new address, whichever is later.

The following paragraph is contained in all our leases:

Any sums due or owing to Landlord by Tenant may be deducted from the deposit; deductions will be used to pay for non-rent items first. Any remaining deposit shall be returned to Tenant within 30 days of move out or 15 days of the receipt of a forwarding address, whichever is later, if Tenant has fulfilled ALL of the following conditions:

  1. Tenant has provided written, 30-day notice to Landlord prior to the date of termination or expiration.
  2. Tenant has no monies in excess of deposit amount due.
  3. Tenant has thoroughly cleaned the premises, appliances, and fixtures. Landlord may deduct from deposit all reasonable charges to accomplish cleaning or repair from damage above normal wear and tear.
  4. All individuals occupying the premises have surrendered premises to Landlord and all keys to the premises, mailbox, storage room and garage door have been returned to Landlord.
  5. Tenant has supplied the Landlord with a forwarding address, in writing, in order to send any correspondence.
  6. Tenant may NOT apply security deposit to last month’s rent.